• Work Life Balance Is Possible

  • “Each one of us must face our own issues of balance, and the real key lies within your own hands. It is not someone else’s responsibility to manage your life, or to help create balance in your life. It is something you need to control.” Byron Pulsifer

    Over the past few decades, the line between work and personal affairs has become quite blurred.  People are expected to be available via cell phone, video conference, chat and email even on days they’re not working.  This work-on-demand culture has developed at the expense of a
    proper work-life balance.  With enough dedication, there are ways to juggle the changing priorities of career, home, family and social life.  In doing so, you will boost your
    productivity and attain a higher level of achievement and enjoyment everyday, both on and off the job.  Tips to help you achieve balance:

    • Prioritize Tasks – Prioritization is necessary at work, but it is also helpful with personal affairs and family obligations.  Plan the week ahead with priorities for each day.  Include the most important work tasks and personal appointments that you need to complete.  If planning a week seems impossible, go day by day.  Attempting to squeeze everything into one afternoon or one day often leads to failure and frustration.
    • Schedule Personal Time – In the same way business meetings are scheduled, put personal time on your calendar.  Remain faithful to those “appointments,” and consider them time to recharge and detach from work.  It may be helpful to schedule personal time at the same time each week to stay consistent and achieve balance.
    • Leave Work at Work – Make a commitment to turn off cell phones and log off email at a certain time each day.  Assign a work start time for the morning and don’t answer emails or make client calls until that time.  This ensures that home time is free of distractions. Use evenings to relax, unwind and focus on personal matters.  The morning is a great time to ease into the day slowly, get organized and start work with a clear head.
    • Cultivate Work Friends – When work demands are stressful and overwhelming, it’s helpful to have colleagues as friends.  Make an effort ot cultivate personal relationships with some people in the office.  A stressful day at work can seem better if there is someone to talk to, laugh with and listen when things get hectic.