• FYI Administrative-SupportRunning a business is a lot of work.  You’ve got to keep your website running smoothly, keep your social media accounts updated, provide the best possible customer service, stock your storefront, and so much more. While you may be interested in networking and making sales, there may be a tremendous amount of administrative tasks that bog you down and keep you from them. That’s why you need a virtual assistant. VAs take care of the administrative work without any overhead costs, need for office space, or costly benefits. Highly trained virtual assistants are able to take over the day to day tasks associated with running a successful business so you can focus on growing it. Sure, you could hire an employee to help you, but why bother with the hassle of placing ads, screening applicants, interviewing, checking references and training, when you could simply get yourself a virtual assistant?

    Virtual assistants work with their own computers and other equipment. You don’t need to provide anything, not even a desk. They come to you already trained and qualified so they can get right to work, and they free you from having to worry about payroll taxes, benefits the other hassles because they are independent contractors, not employees. This saves you money! Another benefit to having a virtual assistant is they are able to work when you need them, not just during regular business hours. This can be incredibly useful if you have a lot of overseas customers.

    What can virtual assistants do? They can update your website, manage your social media accounts, provide customer service, make sales calls, take care of daily correspondence, create advertising materials and so much more. The success of your business is their top priority. Let a virtual assistant help you get out from under the daily grind of running your business so you can focus on the big picture and save both time and money!