• Website = #1 Marketing Tool, Have You Had a Refresh?

    August 20, 2014 | Carmela DeNicola
  • refreshI’m sure you’ve experienced the computer, phone or some other technology lock out at one time or another.  Quickly we have learned the skills of self help via “The Refresh Button”.   This well recognized, super hero icon stands for Rewrite, Update, Reload, Refresh or Renew.  Even with that magic refresh button, how frustrated we become when our work, entertainment, or projects are interrupted.

    Businesses don’t usually experience an all at once “lock out” and that’s great news.  But often the #1 marketing tool of the business not only becomes outdated, but is not effectively leveraged as an inbound / outbound marketing tool.  But what does this really mean to a business?

    • REFLECTION OF YOUR BRAND:  Your website “is how the world sees you” says Cathi Bosco, FYI Creative Web & Graphic Designer.  In today’s interactive and social environment, potential clients that surf the web for services and products look for sites that resonate with them which mean there needs to be an immediate eye appeal and design that is engaging.  If you have an older brochure type website, or pages that are filled with words, you are likely not engaging.
    • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO):  SEO is much more than just the keywords that are often discussed.  Your website is a marketing tool and should be leveraged as such.  Enlist the services of a Certified SEO expert to maximize and fully optimize your website. Your website is “how your business gets seen and heard” says Jean Baliko, FYI Certified SEO Marketing Expert.  Keywords, content strategy, and inbound marketing campaigns can turn your website into a sales team.
    • HOSTAGE TO YOUR WEBSITE?  You should never be hostage to a provider or developer of your website unless you choose to be.  Wordpress is an open platform that can users can be trained on with relative ease.  The choice to do it yourself or have someone else do it who will charge you for every post, change or update should be yours.
    • ANALYTICS:  Do you know the activity or visits to your website?  Do you know what content your visitors clicked on or how long the stayed?  This is important market intelligence that can help you to develop targeted marketing campaigns as well as make intelligent adjustments to your content.

    REFRESH your business and update your website.  Begin to use your website as a marketing tool and platform to springboard your business forward.  Call today for your website audit or a consultation at 800-394-1907 or 856-701-0173.