• Dificult-conversationsHave you ever been faced with having one of those difficult discussions?  Perhaps you had to talk to an employee about their personal hygiene, or explain to a client that they are the real problem, or perhaps you had to ask the bank for a loan or tell management that the policy they just implemented didn’t consider the impact on other protocols.  While it may be tempting to avoid the entire situation as long as possible, it has been our experience that time does not tend to make these difficult situations any easier, but rather time tends to make those difficult discussions even more difficult and complex.

    We have all been faced with having to face difficult or important discussions that require “positioning”,  but how do we get everyone on board to our point of view? Positioning is the real key here, and the most difficult aspect to master.  But is it even possible?  The answer has always been that the positioning statement must be fact based and delivered in a manner that is  relatable to the receiver(s).  In other words, be honest, positive and direct.

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