Business Growth

    1. Get bigger clients: One of the best ways to grow your freelance business is to work with people and companies with more resources than those you work with now.  For instance, I know a marketing firm whose target market was start up and smaller companies.  The firm didn’t start making big bucks until it realized that for the same amount of time and effort, it could sell it’s services to bigger clients and make a lot more money which provides greater resources to grow.

    2. Find a teammate: Having more people on your team can bring a lot to the party – contacts, money, and extra pair of hands, and someone with whom you can bounce off ideas.

    3. Get no-up-front-cost help: OK, so you would rather not hire full-time help, then what about:

    • Hiring a commissioned salesperson? It will only cost you something if the salesperson grows your business
    • Bringing in interns? I have a friend who runs his whole business using college interns
    • Hiring a part-time person? Consider hiring someone part time to see how it goes. If they help you grow, use them more.
    • Hiring an independent contractor: Again, you only pay for the time you need, you don’t pay any benefits, and you could even structure it to pay more, or pay a bonus, upon extra special results.

    4. Get free publicity: Getting the local paper or TV station to do a story about your business can create huge results for very little up-front costs.

    5. Advertise and market more: Being in business for yourself is like being alone in a dark room – you know you are there, but no one else does. The only way to turn the light on, the only way to let them know you are out there, is by advertising and marketing.

    6. Create new recipes: You have a recipe for success; all freelance small business people do. But the great businesses, the ones that grow, create additional recipes; new products, new services.

    The essential idea is to get more business, then hire the help, and not the other way around.