• Tips For Creating A Thriving Business Community

  • Imagine a workplace environment that possessed an atmosphere beyond mere survival; an environment of growth and positive development among a group of members who share a common culture and common goals.  Imagine the ripple effect of A THRIVING BUSINESS COMMUNITY.


    Dr. Vicki Handfield, Psychologist & President of Business Behavior Modification

    Tips for all levels within the business community:

    1. BE REAL:  our eyebrows and lids are sore from being skeptical, sick and tired of bs!

    2. BE REAL: the only good outcome of a conversation or meeting is real communication.

    3. BE REAL:  be honest about what can actually be “accomplished” and what is “really” need in order to complete the task.

    4. BE REAL: reduce your expectations of yourself and your colleagues and teammates.

    5. BE REAL:  take time off for yourself, prevent sick time and martyrdom.

    6. BE REAL: let someone know if there is a problem, be diplomatic and address the issue as soon as it arises.

    7. BE REAL:  look for ways to improve yourself, and only yourself.

    8. ENOUGH “REALITY”: dream BIG and tell your team about your dreams.

    9. NO MORE “REALITY”: shoot for the moon, accept no limits, trust yourself to do great things.

    10. BE SUBLIME:  love what you do, love yourself.