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    Think Big, Dream Big

    When I am consulting with business owners and entrepreneurs who are concerned about their lack of growth, I often find they are not thinking broadly enough or big enough.  They are thinking of their business as being constrained to their geography, limited to the subject matter they are most comfortable with, and risk avoidance.  These may not be the only reasons that their business is struggling, but they are certainly major contributing factors. Here are concepts to consider:

    1.  Unless you do something beyond what you have already done, you will never grow.
    2.  Take the limits off.  Don’t accept good enough as good enough.
    3.  Tolerating mediocrity in others makes you more mediocre (this includes staff, vendors, business associations, etc.)
    4.  An over-cautious person burns bridges of opportunity before he gets to them —  act as if it were impossible to fail.
    5.  Develop an infinite capacity to ignore what others think can’t be done — surround yourself with positive energy, eliminate negative baggage.

    I recently attended a convention where Lisa Nichols, Founder of Motivating the Masses was a keynote speaker.  She is a very powerful and passionate speaker who stirs self reflection and personal assessment.  Here is a quote from her that  rings true and is worth sharing, “small thinking will limit you from reaching a breath taking future”.  Remember, the solution to your own problems lies within your reach.