• Strategy Management vs Crisis Management

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    Strategy Tips

    It’s a fact, businesses grow faster and with lower costs when they have a clear strategy and align all of the key business disciplines with that strategy.  Strategies for marketing, sales, and all of the back office processes is essential to every business.  There is a set of negative consequences when the strategy is attempted in a disjointed manner that compromises effectiveness, brand messaging, and ultimately increases costs.  One of the pitfalls of business ownership is that there is often a conflict between investing in a solution for a current crisis versus investing in the long term strategy.  Whether you are a business owner who is in the throws of creating a social media plan, or contemplating the launch of a new website, or automating an accounts receivable process, implementation planning and execution must be aligned and in harmony with the ultimate goals of the business in mind.

    Business owners pursue the advice of professionals that can bring complimentary knowledge to them to assist with advertising, technology, etc.  The key to leveraging this expertise and getting the right solutions, requires business owners to effectively communicate not only the current strategy but also the long range plan.  Business owners often seek the guidance of a Business Coach or Business Consultant to assist them with ensuring alignment and developing strategy.