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    Business Creativity

    Working Full Tilt Most of the Time Is a Common Mistake that most business owners make.

    The good news may be that your work is a major way in which you fulfill your divine mission. You love what you do and you want to leave your impression on your clients and the world in a positive way.

    The bad news however is that even if the good news is true, if you don’t feel refreshed at the end of the day you are likely compromising your ability to be effective and truly fulfill your goals and mission. You have been working too hard, enjoying it less and are out of sync with the creative process.

    Creating is what we all do in our businesses. Whether we are creating services or products, works of art, books, speeches or ways to get our message out into the world, we are in the business of creating.

    Both activity and rest are necessary for you to continue creating and re-creating your business such that both you and your business remain fresh, alive and responsive – and continue to grow and to evolve. Eventual decline rather than growth occurs without the “rest” side of the equation. Plain and simply, you and work become stale.

    Nature consistently takes “Creative Intermissions” in her process of creating and recreating herself. Look at the seasons. Spring and Summer are high activity and growth phases. Fall and winter are resting and internal phases.

    What happens during Creative Intermissions? A lot happens in the resting phase of the creative process, and without effort on your part.

    Your creativity, the core of the unique genius that is yours – comes forth. Fresh and inspired ideas, new ways of seeing, “ahas”, intuitive thoughts or innovative ways of putting things together may arise during these intermissions, or later on as a result. You are refreshing and revitalizing your mind and body while giving your creative genius a chance to shine through.

    Now you are ready to resume your active work. You will be freshed and your passion for what you do renewed. Your actions will be more meaningful and effective.

    The impact of keeping yourself refreshed throughout the day has other benefits.

    • Your mind is crisper and clearer for everything.

    • You are more able to “hear” and move with your intuitive knowing.

    • Your ability to be decisive and to make conscious choices increases.

    • You are more present to yourself, and for your clients and others with whom you interact throughout the day.

    • And, when the work day is over you yet have the energy for the rest of your life.