• Businesses that thrive typically have online communities with raving fans. Their communities can be a small dedicated group or a very large following, either way they have fans that support their work on their website and on social media channels. Without a social community, even the smallest of communities, a business increases its chances of failure.

    How do you build a community of people who know, like and trust you? And then who also share, recommend and tell others about you and your great company?

    You provide valuable information, get involved, interact, give, make it easy to share your information and then also share other’s information.

    Providing Valuable Content Consistently

    Building a community is about creating a space where the sharing of valuable content on a consistent basis takes place. In a sort of three-way manner – you share your information, you share other expert’s information, and then your community shares as well.

    You’re not looking just for an audience who will watch and consume whatever information you show them. You want a group of people who are willing to be involved in a two-way conversation, to interact with others, and to share or promote the information you share.

    Blogging is a Tool to Deliver Your Content

    FYI-social media managementThere are many ways to regularly deliver valuable content. The most popular is through blogging via your organization’s website. Best practices vary yet to keep your audience engaged, a blog post containing up to 600 words should be published weekly. If you have lots of content to share, and your audience wants it, blogging more often during the week, even daily is acceptable. The important keys your blog post should accomplish include:

    • Being valuable information to your reader about your subject matter as well as any complementary information
    • Keeping it short (word length wise), unless you know your visitors will consume larger amounts of information
    • Being consistent when you post. If you post daily, post at the same time every day. If you post weekly, post on the same day at the same time every week.

    Sharing useful information consistently will build the trust and loyalty from your readers. This will eventually lead to more interactions, more trust and eventually more revenues.

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