• Training & Staff Development Services

  • Organizational Development

    First, FYI will evaluate your organization.  We’ll create a framework for improvement and growth.  The goal is to develop a healthy environment for success.

    Leadership Skills

    Solid leadership is critical to growth.  Our experts are proven leaders.  They will examine your organization’s management structure and provide training to improve leadership skills.

    Principles of Management

    It’s natural — and proper — to promote top performers.  But staff members can be promoted to positions that are beyond their level of training.  Emerging and existing managers alike would benefit greatly from the training and support our experts provide.

    Coaching & Mentoring

    Turn a good staff into a great staff.  FYI is stocked with experts who will coach and mentor all levels of management.  Group training or one-on-one interaction is available.  Either way, unbiased mentoring from an outside service is an ideal way to gain valuable insights and skills without the risk of creating internal conflict with employees.

    Staff Development Planning

    Small to midsized organizations often don’t have the resources to gather the details necessary to improve staff performance.  So what happens?  Growth stalls.  Staff members must be properly trained and educated, so turn to FYI’s experts for a plan.  We will evaluate your organization and put together a blueprint so that you can develop a staff that will have your business flourishing.

    Team Building

    You might have a group of individual star players, but do they work well as a team?  The key to a successful organization is building a winning “team.”  FYI will engineer team-building events on site or at outside locations to help your staff blossom.  We will work with your company’s leaders to develop a team-building program that will have your players working together for a common goal.  We will address your company’s needs and concerns so that you can turn your team into a dynasty.

    Performance Management

    Are you meeting your goals effectively? Efficiently? A customized performance-management system is critical to success, and our professionals have the know-how to implement it. Even if you have a performance-management structure in place, FYI will assess, evaluate and create performance systems with an eye toward your goals. Performance-management systems are most effective when tailored to an individual organization.

    Problem Solving & Decision Making

    Sometimes it simply takes an objective point of view to expose organizational problems, or areas that need improvement. FYI’s experts will provide an unbiased assessment of how to upgrade your organization. Managers often are too close to a task or challenge, too wrapped up in the “Hey, that’s the way we do things around here” mentality. That leads to stagnant creativity and information “hoarding.” An organization cannot prosper if managers aren’t thinking creatively and making business-healthy decisions. Our professionals will turn that around.

    Conflict Management

    Dealing with conflict can be an expensive and exhausting endeavor, draining an organization of valuable time and money. Don’t get wrapped up in debilitating conflicts. FYI provides alternative dispute-resolution services that will help resolve nearly any internal or external conflict. Our pros will guide you through human-resource disputes; management, employee and interdepartmental conflicts; disputes involving vendors or suppliers … nearly any difficult spot you’re facing. We have the strategies and experience to resolve things.

    Time Management

    If productivity is lagging, it could be a simple matter of poor time management. Are staff members in a position to make the best use of their time and skills? Stop wasting time and let FYI take a look. We’ll analyze how your team members are using their time. We’ll lay out exactly how to delegate tasks, allocate time, prioritize, monitor, organize and schedule tasks. Watch productivity improve.

    Presentation Skills

    People won’t buy what they don’t understand, which is why clear presentations are so critical. Presentations must be energetic and persuasive … and not everyone has these skills. Our professionals do. FYI will teach your staff the keys to superior presentation skills and closing deals.


    It’s not easy to run a meeting, present a program or introduce a curriculum. We’ll serve as facilitators for your organization’s programs. We’ll run effective, focused and interactive meetings.

    Communication Skills

    So basic, yet so crucial. Effective communication is essential within the organization and with customers. Even if you think your organization is communicating well, a brush-up can help. FYI will evaluate your organization and create a training curriculum geared specifically for your business and staff members. Communication is an art that will improve with training and practice.  Here are the areas we cover:

    • Listening Skills:  Listening is not the same as hearing. Listening is an art that can improve with practice and guidance. Is your team familiar with the 10 principles of listening? Are team members listening to customers? We’ll give you and your team a refresher.
    • Influencing Skills:  Your team is representing your product, your brand, your organization. Do they have the skills to influence others, close deals and maintain relationships with clients? Are your managers interacting effectively with the employees they supervise? Our professionals will have a positive influence on your team.
    • Customer Service:  Everyone responds favorably to top-notch customer service. In fact, people seek out firms simply because of their reputation for customer service. All business is customer service, and sometimes team members need a reminder. FYI will train your front-line staff to represent your brand with an eye toward serving customers. This won’t be a lesson in lip service: Your staff will learn to listen and empathize with clients so those clients will be eager to return.