• Human Resource Services

  • Staff Recruitment

    Tired of employee turnover? Your managers aren’t finding the right fit for the team? Staffing is difficult. FYI’s specialists will provide the training and insight to help your managers assemble the ideal team members. They will learn recruiting skills and the keys to molding a staff into first-class contributors to the bottom line.

    Employee Retention

    You’ve assembled a top-flight team and now you want to keep it together. Growth depends on retaining your top performers and contributors, and FYI will show you how. The FYI team is well versed in the theories behind employee motivation and drive. We will begin with a staff survey and follow with an evaluation of your personnel policy. Then we’ll lay out a plan that will help keep the company’s star players in your arena.

    Employee Relations

    Low morale and motivation can be a cancer to an organization’s productivity. Often, it’s simply a matter of poor employer-employee communication. With FYI’s support, you will learn the keys to opening the lines of communication with staff. We will examine your personnel policies. We will discuss communication styles. The result will be a more productive, motivated and content staff.