• Finance

  • Financial / Budgeting / Evaluation

    Maintain and sustain your business with the help of our financial leadership and expertise. Success depends on it. We also know that quality data is crucial for a business to thrive. We will assess your information technology and how it relates to industry standards. In other words, is it up-to-date? Are you able to gather the most accurate data to make sound business decisions? Our experts will give you a full report.

    Financial-performance Consulting

    All companies are unique, so every financial situation is unique. FYI consulting works with management to organize a detailed look at an organization’s finances. Traditional financial statements are still essential, but growth depends on detailed, customized financial reports. Our specialists are like financial detectives. They will uncover hidden opportunities for growth and profitability, and provide an objective look at areas that are possible drains on your business.

    Budgeting and Forecasting

    You want to know about revenue opportunities, but you also want to be prepared for any roadblocks that lie ahead. Our professionals know. We will compare your organization’s past and current performance using cash-flow forecasting and an eye on industry standards. We will then develop an improvement plan and chart progress.

    Cash-flow Forecasting

    Our financial physicians recommend regular cash-flow checkups. Proper cash-flow forecasting is profoundly important – a profitable organization still might be cash-poor due to inadequate planning. Don’t allow it to happen: Let our team analyze your cash-flow situation. All businesses would benefit from a cash-flow analysis, but it’s a must for cash-sensitive service and nonprofit organizations.

    Banking-relationship Management

    Remember: When dealing with banks, you’re dealing with people. Banks are lending again, but when making decisions, lenders want more than just numbers. It’s crucial that bankers – who might not be familiar with your specific industry — know the story behind your business and view your situation in the best possible light. FYI has access to bankers who are willing to listen. Before meeting with bank officials, let our professionals fortify your presentation.  You’ll arrive ready to highlight your company’s strongest qualities.

    We can also help with:

    • Merger and acquisition planning.
    • Buy-sell succession planning.
    • Capital-expenditure budgeting and planning.