• Business Consulting & Support Services

  • Strategic Planning / Business Planning

    It’s difficult to get anywhere without a map….without directions.  Business is no different, which is why a detailed business plan is essential.  We will help you to develop a system that will turn your vision into reality.  We will build a series of steps that will turn your broad goals into results.

    Business Development & Retention

    Now that you have clients, you want to keep them.  Retain your existing clients and expand your enterprise with our business–development strategies.  Programs are designed to help businesses expand and thrive in today’s challenging economic climate.  CRM and customized CRM solutions and tools are available to manage leads, relationships, and tasks effectively.

    Website Development & Design – A Total Web Presence Program

    Business in the 21st century requires a web presence:  It’s your No. 1 marketing tool.  And the idea of designing a website can be extremely overwhelming.  Don’t let it be.  We have a program that will give your business or organization total web presence.  Start from scratch or give your site a full redesign.  We’ll evaluate your current web presence and customize a plan that will give your business maximum Internet impact.

    Packages might include.

    • A customized blog-format website via WordPress (Content Management System) website.
    • Web hosting, URL, acquisition, security & backup.
    • An unlimited number of pages and amount of content.
    • Full search-engine optimization (SEO), so customers can find you on the Web.
    • Custom plug-ins, features and functions.
    • At least 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring with your web editor or staff after site is live.
    • Custom graphics, styles and programming customizations.
    • Integration with all the most popular social-media outlets (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
    • Email marketing campaigns, newsletters, mailing lists (such as Constant Contact).
    • Custom themes, photos and images to make your website unique, attractive and interactive.
    • E-commerce:  You want to get paid.  We’ll set that up.
    • Google analytic tracking to find out who has been on your site and what they’re looking at–what’s working and what’s not.

    Marketing Auditing & Online Content Services

    Companies strive to gain an advantage online through online marketing, valuable content and an optimized website.  Our services provide insights and solutions to help you maximize the good and minimize gaps within your online marketing strategy.

    • Website Audit – our audits analyze your website from a direct response copy writing and SEO based perspective.
    • SEO Content Strategy & Writing Services – we assess your company’s SEO content strategy and provide solutions for improvement.
    • Google Analytics Reporting & Audit – this service involves translating and interpreting data collected by Google Analytics from your website to set and refine marketing strategies for optimization.

    Virtual Assistant Services

    Providing businesses of all sizes with expert administrative support without the costly overhead. We offer a wide range of services including accounting services, travel arrangement, concierge services, presentation materials, special projects, and much more.

    Virtual Board of Directors

    You hear “board of directors” and you might think, “Isn’t that something reserved for a big corporation?”  Not at all.  A board of directors is a group of respected professionals who serve as business advisers.  Every organization, big or small, needs leadership.  Let our group of professionals be your virtual board of directors.  They will provide an unbiased look at your business and offer expert advice for planning, implementing strategies, project management and maintaining success.  Nonprofits will find this a particularly valuable services.

    Project Management

    A successful project, no matter the size, requires planning, organization, motivation and an eye for controlling resources.  We are project-management experts.  We’ll help you define your project goals, put together a detailed agenda and get your project started.

    Contract Management & Negotiation

    Contract negotiations are among the more stressful aspects of running a business.  Yet, fair and equitable contracts are essential to business success.  Don’t get shortchanged in contract negotiations.  Our experts will work out contracts that allow you and your vendors to build lasting relationships, and help you grow your brand.