• Professionals, Small Business & Start-ups need a clear strategic plan, concise marketing, a defined revenue model, and a thorough understanding of their perfect clients. It’s important to get these elements defined properly and implemented.


    Professionals are the experts in their field. You may be a lawyer, a therapist, or a healthcare professional. Yet while you are the expert in your field, you may face some challenges while operating your business office. Whether it is in the areas of accounting, human resource management, cash flow management, marketing, and or branding, challenges arise.

    Facing Challenges with Expert Support

    In today’s marketplace, many business operations service professionals have formed their own businesses. These experts can easily complement your business expertise and help your organization to move past challenges.

    For example, if you’re a therapist and you’re experiencing cash flow issues, hiring a Virtual CFO to work with you will ensure the problem is handled quickly and resolved properly. The Virtual CFO may institute some new processes for collecting your fees or maybe they will complete collection services on your existing client base with outstanding receivables.

    Or maybe you’re a small practice experiencing growth challenges. You may have human resources issue – you’re unable to keep business support people or you don’t have the right team to move ahead. Bringing in an expert Human Resources professional will enable the problem to be identified, a solution created, and then help implementing the solution so your office now has the proper support. Without this added “expert” on your team temporarily, you may be spinning your wheels unnecessarily trying to figure out the why, the how, and what needs to be done.

    Or maybe you’re a physician just starting out and you know you need help. Your logo is non-existent, your website needs to be aligned with your brand, and you’re not sure how to continually reach your existing client base. You would benefit from hiring a team of expert service professionals who work closely together, a one-stop shop consulting group. They will assess what’s needed, provide you with a plan of action and then work with you to get everything implemented – all while you’re caring for your patients.

    Small Business

    No matter where you are with your small business, you’re battling some challenges. Whether it is marketing obstacles, personnel issues, or even cash flow problems, running a small business can be tough without a trusted support team.

    Every successful business has support

    Successful businesses realize quickly when help is needed. To the successful businesses, this means collaborating with consultants, freelancers, and other businesses instead of adding full-time employees. Collaborating with “experts” can help accelerate your progress and move you closer to your goals.

    Our team of experienced consultants can help you to quickly assess the state of your business; identify the opportunities for improvement; strategize a plan to take advantage of the opportunities, and then work with you to get the plan implemented. And since each of our consultants comes from the field, we’ll be able to save you time, money, and energy by getting the plan completed quickly.

    Take action now and get your business on the right track by contacting us today. Teaming up with the business consultants who have your back is important and will lead you to your next level of success. Call us today at 1-(800) 394-1907.

    Start-Ups — Becoming part of the 20%

    Of all new businesses started each year, only 20% of new businesses are successful. And these 20% of businesses create 60% of annual jobs in the U.S. each year. Many have great ideas, experienced people, and useful products and services. Yet, if the foundation is quickly thrown together without much thought or planning, the road to success can become full of challenges.

    Our team of seasoned business experts has your back during this crucial time. We’ll help you eliminate the confusion and get you on the right path quickly. From walking you through the strategic planning process to developing the marketing plan to creating the best revenue model for your business to straight through to implementation; we’re here to help you succeed.

    And because of our experience, these key business items will be created and implemented in less time than if you tried to do it yourself.

    Working your start-up into a successful venture is possible. Take that crucial step now and get your business on the right road by contacting us today. Getting the help you need to join the 20% of successful start-ups is only a phone call away 1-(800) 394-1907.

    Working with Experienced Consultants Moves Your Business Forward

    Whatever business challenges you’re facing, our team of experienced consultants is available to help you. Our group is a one-stop shop of business support experts who are available to jump into specific challenges. And since we’re experts in what we do, we can save you time, money, and energy by quickly implementing a solution that fits your needs and budget.


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