Networking For Success


    Be genuine and authentic, building trust and relationships.  See how you can help others and in turn they will help you without your needing to ask.

    1. GOALS – Have clear goals so that you select groups that are geared toward your goals.  You will find that some groups are about learning while others are more geared toward making contacts.
    2. CANVAS – Most groups allow you to attend two to four meetings before joining.  Use this time to determine if the leadership is competent, assess the energy and attitude of the group, and evaluate if the members are supportive of one another.
    1. VOLUNTEER –  Giving back to the groups that have helped you by volunteering is rewarding and earns you the distinction of maintaining a leadership role in the business community and certainly has benefits.
    2. COMMUNICATION – Ask open ended questions rather than those that can be answered with either yes or no.  This method of conversation opens up the discussion and demonstrates a level of interest. It is just as important to be able to articulate what you are looking for and how others may help you.
    3. RESOURCE – Be a strong resource and people will flock to you for ideas, suggestions, referrals, etc. High visibility is the result.
    4. IDENTITY – Be articulate in providing others with a clear understanding of what you do.  Clear and concise messaging that includes what you do, why, for whom, and what makes what you do special, will get you the referrals you want.
    5. REPUTATION – Your actions are a reflection on you and on those who have referred you.  Referrals will grow in direct correlation to this.
    6. FOLLOW THROUGH – If you met someone who may benefit from what you do and vice versa call them within 48 hours.  Convey that you enjoyed meeting them and invite them to get together and share ideas.
    7. ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE – Networking can make a tremendous difference for you and your business and it’s great practice for building client relationships too.