• Labor DayLabor Day marks a significant event and is celebrated on the first Monday of September, each year.  The holiday comes from the challenges and struggles that drove the idea that workers should be limited to laboring for only 8 hours a day; 8 hours of work + 8 hours of recreation + 8 hours of rest = the perfect formula for a happy and healthy life:  At least that’s what labor leaders believed in the late 1800s.  Prior to that, workers had very few rights or protections and this included child labor.  You were just supposed to be happy just to have employment regardless of the conditions, hours, demands or dangers involved.

    For most people these days, Labor Day is something different and it means three things, a day off, the end of summer and back to school.

    Over the century, the labor movement has produced many heroes who personify what Labor Day commemorates, and the many battles they won against child labor, for fair wages and reasonable work hours, for employee benefits and concern for employ safety.

    These are the achievements, this is the epic story that all Americans should know and take pride on this day…….Labor Day!  This video from History.com tells a great story of Labor Day.  The Team at FYI wishes everyone a Happy Labor Day!