• Goal Setting For Business Success

  • Goal SettingWhy are goals so important?  If you create the vision, you invent the way.  Businesses without goals die.  When you give up on your goals, or have no goals at all, your whole system shuts down.  I see at least five good reasons to set goals.

    1. It you don’t set goals or ideals and if you don’t have anything to keep you looking forward, without positive expectancy to the future; a business can waste away, self-destruct, or die.

    2. We all need targets; otherwise, just like missiles without targets, you will fizzle out and self-destruct. Goals allow us to orient and operate in relation to a target.  Our subconscious gets us to move toward whatever goal or image is uppermost in our minds.

    3. If you don’t deliberately give yourself a goal for survival, you recreate the one you’ve got.  Your tomorrows won’t look much different than your todays or your yesteryears if you don’t give yourself a new ideal, image, or goal to shoot for.  All you will do is make the next week or next year, or the next situation, look amazingly like the last one.  Goal setting is an important part of causing growth and development.

    4. If you don’t set your own new goals, you adopt the agendas and suggestions other people have for you.  It easy to get caught up in what your competitors are doing rather than distinguishing yourself from them.

    5. By having goals, you build resiliency to setbacks.  When you have a positive expectancy of winning, you take every setback as temporary.  Once you set a worthwhile goal and commit to it deeply, you become tenacious moving whatever setbacks forward.