• Does the Front Office Talk to the Back Office?

    October 14, 2013 | Carmela DeNicola
  • The front and back offices of your company, are yours speaking to each other?

    Communication in Business

    Communication in Business

    Essentially, do you know if the right hand really knows what the left hand is doing?  In business, this could be detrimental to your clients and to your bottom line if both sides aren’t talking.

    Think about this.  In your business, how does a “widget” or service get produced?  Are there lots of handoffs between departments before it is completed?  Are you noticing some things falling through the cracks?  Are clients complaining about service delays or incomplete orders?   If so, probably a breakdown in communications has happened along the line and needs attention.

    This issue isn’t just for the bigger companies.  Maybe you’re a two person company, each working from home and you frequently miss your scheduled weekly status meetings.  Your partner decides to change the shipping company, because he got a better deal, and forgot to tell you.  You just completed the ordering of a 5,000 piece bulky marketing campaign… with the old shipping company and an expired contract.  This is a costly mistake.

    Or maybe you have a different version of this issue.  You have two departments in your business, who typically don’t work together, and each feels the grass is really greener in the other department.

    For instance, a sales team may think the accounting group has it easy with their consistent paychecks, regular hours and less stressful environment.  On the other hand, accounting is thinking the sales team has it made with their big commissions, flexible hours and great perks.  If not addressed, this could cause serious morale issues.

    What’s the solution?  Effective communications, cross-training and process improvements.  Without a joint effort to find a solution and eliminate the bottleneck or misunderstandings, tempers could flare, employees could begin quitting and your financial outlook could take a big hit.

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