• After the Taking Care of Business Show today I remembered a check list that I often use for keeping track of client’s important site details. We create sites for businesses, non-profits, individuals, groups and organizations. We train them to manage their own sites and then we help them to manage updates as technology changes. Usually clients do quite well on their own.  We love empowering people to manage their own web presence.  Often we return to their sites and social media to do some redesign quarterly or annually depending on their needs.

    I realized today after chatting with Judy, Bob & Carmela that EVERYONE should keep these details on file. This is confidential information that should be securely recorded in 3 locations. A hard copy, a digital copy and a version saved or backed up on a back up hard drive. It should be updated whenever it is necessary. If your Web Editor is suddenly unavailable or you have a disaster of some kind these documents will be needed so that the lines of communication can be established with your customers and community as needed. When clients come to us looking for a new and improved site it is very helpful if they know their Host and URL details at the very least. Here is the downloadable PDF:  WORDPRESS WEBSITE OWNER’S CHECKLIST FYI, please have your current web designer complete this form for your records so that when the time comes to access your web presence you will be in complete control!
    Maybe I should create one for Social media next? …tune in next week!

    FYI-Group Outsource Services