• Business Partnership & Workplace Conflict Mediation

  • Business Partnership Mediation
    Going into business with other partners can be a lucrative endeavor, but it is often not without pitfalls. Most minor issues that they do not agree on can usually be worked out on their own. But when personalities and visions clash, these disagreements can sometimes become contentious and lead to full-scale conflicts. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With some time and resources invested up front in the creation of an operating agreement, your business partnership can be equipped to address and resolve potential disputes when they arise. If you already have a business operating agreement in place, does it needed to be refreshed and updated? Businesses change rapidly and so do the circumstances surrounding operations, financial matters, unforeseen medical leaves or disabilities, vacation time, even death should be addressed in an operating agreement. Business partnership mediation can be an effective and cost-efficient method of resolving conflict, as well as for negotiating and developing written partnership agreements.

    Workplace Mediation
    Within the workplace, conflicts may arise between employees, or between employees and their employer. Often, these conflicts and disputes can be worked out on their own. Some conflicts however, escalate to the point where the parties can no longer work effectively together. Left unresolved, these conflicts can hamper productivity and can threaten the stability of the organization. In the corporate / business environment, each circumstance is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach that effectively resolves all employee disputes. For example, when a conflict has reached the point where the parties cannot tolerate to be in the same room together, caucusing may be the right approach. Caucusing allows each party to “vent” and give their point of view before sitting down together. With caucusing, the parties are in separate rooms, and the mediator goes back and forth between them to listen to their concerns and relays them carefully to the other side. This is often very helpful in an employee dispute, because it gives the parties the opportunity to say what is really on their minds without offending or potentially further alienating the other party or parties. This allows for all viewpoints to be heard and the parties are able to participate in an honest and constructive negotiation. Whatever the starting point, the mediation process will foster an environment where the parties can communicate openly and respectfully while guiding them toward a mutually acceptable and actionable resolution.

    These days, organizations of all sizes outsource a lot of their tasks. An experienced mediator is far better qualified to resolve conflict than someone inside the organization. A professional mediator handles disputes like these day in and day out. Through extensive training and experience, a professional Mediator uses the most effective ways to develop peaceable and workable resolutions between parties who have conflicts. Further, the aspect of neutrality alone is a vital element to effective conflict resolution and allows for a higher success rate than a manager or HR professional.

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