• Business – Does Size Really Matter?

  • We are surrounded by big cars, big meals, big supermarkets, big take-away cups, big advertising signs and the idea that bigger is better or provides more value.  It made me think about business and whether size really matters.  My conclusion is that the importance of size totally depends on your target market.  In the US, for example, people are used to big cars, big pizzas, big take away cups, whereas in Europe, if you drive around in a big car or sold “Big Meals”, you immediately stand out because it is not a usual sight.  If you want to attract people that love a big dish, you offer big dishes.  If you want to attract gourmet food lovers, you should probably opt for smaller portions.  What about advertising?  Do you need big advertising posters all over town to get noticed?  Not at all.  In fact, most small businesses couldn’t afford to paint their town in their branding colors and there are much smarter marketing strategies that will get you noticed.  A Ferrari is just as noticeable as a huge Escalade, not because of its size, but for its prestige and style.

    So for your own business, think about how you can stand out by adding value, style or a point of difference without having to spend thousands of dollars on big advertsing.  Can you stand out by how you deliver or package your product and services, or by the professionalism of your customer service?  Do you offer a niche or specialty service that has greater appeal than a “Super Sized Solution?”

    The answer is likely, “yes”, but all too often, business owners get caught up in the optical illusion of size.  Differentiation can be “HUGE”!!!!