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  • The World Wide Web plays a very important roll in your company’s Identity and Brand presence. I would argue it is your #1 marketing tool. In fact, my slogan is, “It’s how the world sees you!”. Keeping your website up to date, user friendly and working well FOR you is one of the best ways to equalize the playing field and potentially knock out the competition.

    Taking Care of Business Radio

    This week on Taking Care of Business (FYI’s radio show) I will be LIVE in the studio discussing some strategies for maximizing YOUR total web presence. Please listen live at 3pm eastern standard time at  WTER. The  graphic below illustrates some of the web services we deliver to clients. Do you need help to develop and/or maximize your total web presence? Hire professionals you can trust. Engage with FYI web services and we will empower you with the best developer resources, design services, staff training, SEO, social strategies and creative direction required to take your business to the next level. Contact us today for an evaluation or quote.

    It is hard work, but well worth it if you can dedicate yourself or get a quality team working for you.

    *Click on the info graphic to view it at full scale.

    Maximize-your-total-web-presence by Cathi Bosco