• Booming Entrepreneurship

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    Interest in entrepreneurship is booming!  More people than ever before are trying to start and operate their own business.  Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more than 500,000 people each month are in the process of launching new businesses.  With the recession and high unemployment wreaking havoc on the American lifestyle, many have been forced to launch new businesses in order to make ends meet.  These new business pioneers are working for money, a sense of accomplishment,
    and personal validation and they are beginning to recover from the throws of corporate America, and failed employers.

    I applaud these courageous pioneers who are now the dedicated subject entrepreneurs who now work tirelessly for their own business success.  Many of my clients are these  courageous pioneers and although they have expertise in their related fields, they often lack the experience, vision and know how to develop, organize and operate a successful business.   It is extremely rewarding for me to provide these new entrepreneurs with the assistance and guidance that help them to achieve their goals and dreams.  When I look around at the many friends and colleagues I have met in this process, the happiest and most satisfied people I know own their own business.  They have the freedom, the most control over their lives, a source of pride and personal satisfaction.     With the utmost respect, applaud them, encourage them and most importantly support them.