• Social Media Tips

  • As far as Social Media is concerned, the size of your business doesn’t  matter.  Social Media is an integral part of business and a key component to your marketing strategy.  Here are some Social Media Tips worth considering:

    Social Media

    Social Media Tips

    1. Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource – For business owners and entrepreneurs time isat a premium for you and your staff.  If you do not possess the skills and knowledge to develop and implement a social media strategy effectively, it is worthwhile to seek out a resource that can get the job done correctly.  Remember, social media is your messaging and your brand.
    2. Position Your Name Everywhere – The goal is to have your company name show up whenever a potential client is searching for you.  Take advantage of directories that are available on websites and professional associations that you have access to.  Create your company page on Facebook and LinkedIn with links to you website.
    3. Have A Plan with Clear Goals – Develop clear goals for what you want to accomplish with social media. Do you want to generate more sales by reaching a different demographic or do you want more traffic to your website?  Implement a plan to meet those goals including target dates, sales support and customer service resources.
    4. Measure the Results – Time spent planning and implementing a social media campaign is wasted and ineffective without measuring the results.  Google Analytics provides information on how many visitors came to your website from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook but it will not tell you which campaigns drove the visitors to your site.  SayitSocial is a service provider who offers this type of analytics and there are others depending on your budget.
    5. Make It Personal – Humanize your company through social media.  Potential clients are more likely to remember you and will feel more connected to your company if they can relate to your message.
    6. Be Consistent – The best social media marketing strategy is one that is consistent with words and with graphics.  People are easily confused by varying messages.