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    Domus, Inc.

    Domus logoWorking together with the CFO, our Quick Books certified virtual assistant built an accounting structure in Quick Books Online for Domus, Inc., an advertising agency based in center city Philadelphia. The project included taking the existing account structures and using that information to set up clients, projects, chart of accounts, services, and templates for invoicing and reporting. Along with tracking the client estimate and billing processes, the transition to Quick Books will allow for client payable and receivable accounting, project tracking and budget reporting. Overall, the transition to an online accounting software will allow for integration  of data from multiple sources into one accounting software for simplified financial reporting and project tracking.




    Touchdown Communities

    Touchdown CommunitiesThis is a start-up non profit organization that we helped to make their vision become a reality for their local community and for the world see. As with all new companies or organizations, it started with the message and experience they wanted to share in their brand and logo which our creative team designed specifically for them. Our marketing team consulted with a tag line that provided the appropriate messaging relative to this community. That visual presence and messaging was carried through to all of their marketing collateral as well as their website design. Using the latest design trends and techniques, we created a beautiful site that can be leveraged as a marketing platform and tool for social media and community engagement that can bring this start-up to success. We also provided a few training hours for staff & now they are able to manage updating their own web presence “in house”. Their new site and programs and all about empowerment and community engagement! www.touchdowncommunities.org


    System Office Design

    System Office Design

    “As the owner of a small business, I needed outside assistance to help create, produce and implement an annual marketing plan. Hiring Carmela and her team at FYI Business Consulting has been one of the smartest decisions for my business development and growth I have done this year. Carmela understood how to translate my vision of promotion for my business, as well as be able to capably implement the action items in our plan.

    Carmela’s company is now an integral part of my business team! “

    ~Debra Hoffman
    President, System Office Design      www.systemofficedesign.com



    Women that Influence

    Logo Women that Influence

    Sara Canuso


    “FYI Business Consulting has taken my business to the next level. Their support, resources and forward thinking provide me with the peace of mind knowing I have a powerful team that truly do have my back both personally and professionally. Always just an email or call away for ANY of my concerns”.

    Sara Canuso
    Women that Influence


    Tables on the Move

    Tables-on-the-move“Our company hired FYI business consulting to assist us in the development of our new company. Carmela and her team, have proven themselves to be a invaluable asset to our success. Her ability to keep us focused on our goals has streamlined our budgets in order to allow us more financial freedoms. We have relied on her for the creation of our business plan, contract negotiations and various representations. FYI Business Consulting has exceeded our hopes and speaks with the same honesty and integrity that we value in ourselves.” www.tablesonthemove.com



    Advanced Mediation Solutions

    AMS-logo“I highly recommend FYI Business Consulting to anyone who is starting a business or looking to grow or improve their business. I am an experienced entrepreneur but decided to engage FYI in order to have an objective view on my business and the business model. Often times as business owners our views tend to get myopic because we are so busy running our businesses that we can’t devote time to even look at the big picture.

    They provided me with invaluable information that helped me to get my business up and running in the right direction immediately from the start. They were instrumental in helping to create my website not only in content but in the total vision of the message I wanted to convey to potential clients. At the beginning I was not familiar with blogging so as part of the services provided, they created blogs for me and then worked with me on future blogs.

    Once my business was set up they assisted in selecting a location, building my business plan realistically and establishing a marketing plan. I now retain their services because I trust their expertise and knowledge and am confident that with FYI my business will continue on the road to success.”


    Expressions Art Therapy

    Expressions Art Therapy“FYI has helped me tremendously in not only making my business idea come to a reality, but they have also built a sound business model for me. They took in to consideration my personal lifestyle and are helping me to grow my business realistically so that both my business and I can flourish. Carmela is fantastic at brainstorming strategies that are creative and then she maps out clear roads to execute the strategies. At the beginning she help to create my website, wrote the content and even collected images for the site. Now as time goes on she is continuing to be a huge support in helping me further my business. I find the FYI staff to be very approachable and gives very personalized service.”


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