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  • Our objective is to help you and your business become more efficient and more profitable. FYI brings the perspectives of past, present, and future providing you with the strategies, solutions and tools you and your company need to overcome the challenges, grasp the opportunities and move forward in achieving it goals.

    Working with Experienced Consultants Moves Your Business Forward

    Whatever business challenges you’re facing, our team of experienced consultants is available to help. We provide full-service essential support for your business, and our extensive expertise saves you time, money, and energy by allowing us to quickly implementing a solution that fits your needs and budget.

    We Specialize in the following:

    • Executive Mentoring
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Management
    • Operations
    • Financial Management
    • Cost Trends


    Every successful business has support

    Successful businesses quickly realize when (and where) they need to bring in help. Our team of experienced consultants can help you to:

    • Quickly assess the state of your business;
    • Identify the opportunities for improvement;
    • Strategize a plan to take advantage of the opportunities;
    • Work closely with your team to effectively implement the strategies.

    Take action now and get your business on the right track by contacting us today. Teaming up with the business consultants who have your back is important and will lead you to your next level of success.

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    Outsourced CFO

    Outsourced CFOEvery company could benefit from having a Chief Financial Officer on staff. However, not every company has the financial capability to hire one in-house. This is why we began offering our virtual Chief Financial Officer (also known as outsourced CFO or fractional CFO) services. Our virtual CFOs are able to provide all of the benefits of a full-time CFO on a part-time, or ad-hock basis; making it affordable for organizations of all sizes. Companies that already have a CFO can also take advantage of our Outsourced CFO services when they need additional support as a complement for strategic projects.

    Managing Your Company Financials

    Financial decisions affect each company differently, and without a knowledgeable resource in your corner, those financial decisions could have disastrous consequences. And as your company grows, so do the financial situations and risks. Our virtual CFO services can provide as little or as much support as you need to effectively manage the finances of your organization. Whether you have an existing CFO and just need additional support or you need someone to play a larger role in your company, we can customize our services to fit your specific needs.

    A virtual CFO can minimize the risk to your finance operations, and ultimately increase your chances of long-term success. No matter what financial-related services your company needs, our outsourced Chief Financial Officer can provide the right solutions for your budget. Services provided may include:

    • Risk management for your company
    • Improving financial processes and procedures
    • Providing input on strategic business transactions
    • Working to maximize your budgets
    • Analyzing systems and making recommendations for improvement
    • Identifying potential accounting problems and implementing appropriate solutions
    • Consulting on your finance related issues with government agencies
    • Financial management for non-profits

    Our virtual CFOs are adept at managing the finances of any organization, regardless of the size and type. In particular, we have extensive experience in the non-profit sector. Non-profit organizations have more stringent financial requirements and additional rules and regulations that must be followed. Non-profits that hire us can be confident that we have the in-depth knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure full regulatory compliance.

    What financial situation has been keeping you up at night? Call us today at 856-701-0173 to set up an initial consultation with our virtual CFO. No finance related concern is too large or small. Our team will meet with you to determine your financial management needs and develop a customized plan to provide the most cost effective solution.

    Virtual Assistant & Admin Services

    Growing a business is overwhelming at times. There are numerous tasks that must be completed, including:

    • Prospecting
    • Setting appointments
    • Generating proposals
    • Closing sales
    • Product and/or service fulfillment
    • Maintaining LinkedIn and other social media pages
    • Accounting and bookkeeping
    • Paying employees and vendors
    • Sorting emails
    • Receiving and returning voice messages
    • Event/Conference Planning
    • Many others…
      Our planning, organization, and support staff eliminates your overwhelm and by helping get your essential tasks accomplished.

    Saving Time with a Trusted Partner on the Team

    FYI Administrative SupportAdding a Virtual Assistant to your team is a time saver and at times, a lifesaver. Virtual Assistants can handle any routine task, project, or special request while allowing you to get back to your main focus; generating revenue and running your business.

    Once the Virtual Assistant learns your business, they assimilate into your team as a valuable team member — even when they are located 500 miles away from your office location. They pride themselves on receiving tasks and ensuring they are completed on time and as desired. They can also point out trends and/or suggest improvements to processes which can save you more time and money.

    Virtual Assistants can also be the additional human bandwidth needed to take your business to the next level. By taking on many of your routine tasks (and even one time projects such as a new product launch or gathering everything needed for attendance at a trade show), the VA frees up your time so you can focus on your calling. With greater focus comes greater profit.

    Our team of consultants can help you move your business to the next level. Are you ready to free up more of your time?

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    Project Management

    In your business, there are “must complete” projects which become your priority; such as client work, internal operational projects, and product or service launches to increase revenue. Then there are those other “nice – to – have completed” projects which tend to get pushed to the back burner and never seem to get done. These projects, when completed, may be the difference in moving your business to the next level through saving time or making money.

    Prioritizing Projects to Improve Your Company’s Impact

    Finding the time to strategize the priority of which projects need to be completed next can be difficult. Lack of human resources, the need for further research, and the pressure of finishing the “must – complete” projects creates last minute decisions and lots of reactive work. Wouldn’t it be great to figure out a strategy and move into a proactive mode when it comes to completing your projects?

    A strategy session will help to identify the real needs of each project, how each supports your business goals, what resources are needed, and the projected completion time frames. Next, the projects can be scored with a weighting system to determine the proposed completion order.

    Not sure where to start with the project prioritization process? Our team can work with your company to determine the best solution based on where you are today.

    Maybe your company needs additional human resources to complete a project. Or maybe, a full strategy session is needed to figure out which projects should be completed next, rather than just guessing without supporting data. Or maybe your company needs help with organization, tracking, and coordinating a project from start to finish. Our team can work with you to determine the best way we can provide project management and prioritization support.

    Whether working behind the scenes in support of a product or service launch or organizing your vendor table at your next trade show, we are here to help. We can also assist you in improving your existing processes, so additional time and money can be realized.

    What project can we help you with today ? Call us now at 856-701-0173 to set up an initial assessment meeting.

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